Construction Method

Pebble Technology ®


Design and Project Preparation

Pebblepools offers complete turnkey solutions in terms of design and construction service. It is involved both in the preparation and delivery of private pool projects, as well as commercial and public pool projects.

For commercial projects, Pebblepools have vast experience with, and are approved by, the Instituto Desportive de Portugal. As such we can take a concept drawing and convert it to a fully detailed design project which will fully comply with complex regulations regarding the physical characteristics of the pool, surround and facilities and health and safety. Project submission can be included and an approved plan delivered, if required. Following that we will offer to prepare a full Bill of Quantities and tender documentation as well as a project management service for execution if required.



Shortcrete projected concrete

For the creation of the pool structure, Pebblepools uses ‘Shotcrete’ method of concrete projection, having been the pioneer in the use of this method in Europe. Using this system a truly monolithic (jointless) shell is created which is engineered to be self supporting.In terms of structural calculation, it is analyzed as a three-dimensional shell, which allows the optimization of the consumption of concrete and steel for maximum structural strength.

The pool construction process begins with the excavation of the soil until a firm layer is obtained. If no firm soil is found, foundations will be applied to support the main structure of the pool. A layer of 5 to 10 cm of gravel is applied to the bottom of the excavation to smooth the bottom and protect the steel work. The shape of the pool is defined with masonry brick walls, which will serve as a template for the projection of the concrete.

A mesh of steel rods is subsequently made inside the masonry and on the bottom gravel. Simultaneously, cuttings are done in the masonry and gravel bottom, for laying pipes that will be soaked in the concrete, preventing future breaks.

The concrete used is a special dosing concrete equivalent to the C40/50 class, giving the space bark structure a much higher resistance than traditional systems.


Interior finishing

Pebble Technology ® interior finishing

 Once the coping is fitted and the mechanical and electrical components are installed the pool is ready for finishing. 

Although Pebblepools also produces pools with traditional glass mosaic (Ervinel), we are specialists in the application of Pebble Technology ® finishes. The difference between the durability of these finishes and the traditional mosaic (Ervinel) is quite clear, as well as for systems that simulate an appearance similar to Pebbletec® . The main reason is the use of Quartz-based Pebble. On the one hand, this material has a very high durability, due to its degree of rigidity (97% of diamond); on the other hand, it is very difficult to cut or grind to correct application errors, being the use of experienced technicians and suitable tools crucial.

The Pebbles are mostly extracted from New Zealand beaches, graded, sterilised and shipped around the world using methods fully licensed by the New Zealand government and approved by environmental agencies.  Its packaging is biodegradable and heat sealed and the whole process avoids all pollutant bi-products and harmful emissions. 

On site the pebbles are mixed with a cement compound and sprayed onto the shell to give a beautiful natural looking interior finish.  The selection of colours combines with natural oxides in the cement and additives, such as ceramic chip or coloured glass, to produce a unique variety of water tones. 

Pebble is therefore a natural product with rounded geometry, without corners, joins or sharp edge. The coating results in swimming pools with very pleasant and non-slip textures, increasing durability and reliability and reducing the need for cleaning, maintenance and grouting problems with tiles, loose mosaics or re-paintings .



PebblePools Construction Process